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Friday, November 7, 2008

someone interviewed me..

A regular reader recently asked me If her daughter could ask me some questions about what I do on here. She's doing journalism in school and one of the subjects they cover of all things is blogging. Now you can see how much of the internet has become part of our high school curriculum - which is a pretty cool thing, if you ask me.

Here's some of the interview.

Hope you get an A, Bee.

Q:How did you get started in blogging?
A: I've always loved writing. For as long as I can remember. When I was much younger, I would distribute a local - and when I mean local, I mean around my house and to relatives a little one-page newsletter type thing of news that I wanted to write about. It was mostly about wrestling, media news and entertainment. As you can see, not much has changed. Around this time, I fell in love with media and learned from some of the best in the radio game on how to use the English language as a tool and craft it to your own specific style. That's what I love about writing. The art of it. When I learned about this whole blog thing, I jumped to the opportunity to have one. Not only my relatives could read my stuff, but the whole world. Which I thought was pretty neat.

Q: What makes you post what you do?
A: Much like how I was subjective back in the day when I did the Bulletin, It really just comes down to what I think is interesting at the time. At first my blogs were about my personal life, and dreams. Then It evolved into media and Hollywood gossip. Then I incorporated music. Just recently, I just started to post more of a variety of topics like tech news, just plain news stories, and educational slash inspirational notes. The blog is always growing and progressing much like how I am as an individual.

Q: Do you do it for the hits?
A: I'd be a liar If I said no. Because I do. Hey, I'm a freelance writer. I use this as a way to promote my stuff. However, I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't love doing it. So I guess you can say yes and no. I love it when I check out my daily and monthly hits and see that someone from Africa came to the site to check out a Canadian Hip Hop video I posted or that when I see one of my friends and they tell me how much they enjoy checking out my site daily or weekly. It makes me realize that I'm not doing it for just family appreciation. People out there actually like it and have it bookmarked because they enjoy an interesting read.

Q: Do you think the internet is going to take the place of paper and have newspapers only in the web?
A: No. It's the same answer I would give to someone who thinks that satellite radio is going to take over the whole broadcasting game. It won't. One of the main things that people will always enjoy about local radio is that it's local. It's their friend in the dark thing where they know the person and they can relate to them talking about the streets they walk on and chat about the rainstorm yesterday that they went through. People will always want that intimacy. Much like newspapers, the whole feeling touching part of it is like the local part of the radio example. Grabbing the newspaper from the front door in the morning and reading it while spilling your coffee all over the frontpage has become a lifetime ritual. Society has been geared to only believe in things that they can hold or personally grasp. Granted, newspaper sales have decreased in the past decade, however, it won't die. Ever. It'll always be around. I kinda count on it to support me and my family in the future.

Q: What's the toughest stories you have to write?
A: Personal ones. The ones where there's feeling attached to it. I remember when Tom Rivers passed I had to write a whole article about it. I couldn't do it. I had to be the journalist and mention the five w's without getting too emotionally attached. Those are the ones that I can't bare writing about. Any death stories are hard because I only really post death announcements of people I respected.

Q:What are your favorite things to write about?
A: Everything I post on here, really. I really dig my dream write-ups. They're personal. Makes me think that my readers are getting to know a bit (or maybe a bit too much) about me. Any of the personal things I write about, really. I also like posting some rare music videos because I know I'm educating someone to a whole new style or group or singer or MC. Much like that visitor from Africa who wanted to check out that Hip Hop video. I felt pretty happy about that.