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Sunday, November 16, 2008


I get tired way too fast these days. Even on the days I don't do anything. I just want to lay down and do nothing. Nothing really keeps me up, anymore. During the week, I work. When I get home, I relax by doing my computer thing. My eating thing and then finally my vegetating in front of the tele thing. Not even ten minutes into a show, I'm off. The other night, I had to call it a day just before 9pm. I woke at 7am and was still tired for half the day. Coffee at work, works a lot. But that causes just a bigger crash. A bigger crash into my bead to go snooze.

I think I might need some kind of pills or special teas to keep me asleep. At least I have some cool dreams, to keep my sleeping mind going. But yeah, Thinking of getting some sleeping type teas to put me asleep. See, I can go to sleep just fine. It's just staying asleep is the problem. No matter what time it is I go to bed, I always wake up at 2.10am. No matter what. Then, I can only sleep for 45 minutes after that and then come to every hour after that. My eyes just can't stay closed once I opened them after that five to seven hour doze off.

Right now, actually. I'm trying to keep my eyes opened. I don't see why. I had a good 10 hour sleep last night. But you know, I was pretty active all day today. Cleaning, going for my first winter walk down to the park, doing laundry. Maybe old age is catching up to me. Maybe my mind just moves super fast that I'm not physically tried, but really mentally tired which overtakes my brain to think I'm physically exhausted, too.

No matter what, I need sleep.