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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

satellite radio is dead.

Good read if you're into this sort of stuff. For the whole thing go here.

I hate to say it, but somebody has to: Satellite radio will come crashing down to Earth within the next two years. The newly merged Sirius XM Radio is already living on borrowed time -- and borrowed money -- and simply will not and cannot survive.

First of all, I'm not an anti-satellite guy. I don't want satellite radio to end (partly because I have a lifetime subscription). My family has two subscriptions in all, and I listen to satellite all the time. But reality is working against both the Sirius XM Radio company, and the idea of radio delivered by satellite.

As a competitor to radio, satellite rules. It has most of the advantages as radio, namely that it's easy to use, it's in the car and it has content you can't get elsewhere (Howard Stern, for example). Plus, it has qualities regular radio doesn't have: better sound quality, far more content and focused channels, like the Elvis Channel. Satellite radio isn't remaining static, either. It's evolving into something better than what it used to be. The devices are becoming better and smaller, and gaining great features, such as the ability to "TiVo" programs.