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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

election coverage 2008: it's a new day..

I read about when Harriot sat and wished I was there when Martin walked. And now years later because Harriot sat and Martin walked, Obama was able to run. And win. I'm from Canada. Born and raised but I don't know how one American election race could effect so many people all over the world in such different ways. Waking up today, I felt like it was Christmas morning. A feeling of glee or emotional pride and relief came over me. We're out of the black hole and finally walking into the sunlight. Finally. After all these years.

Admittedly, as Obama said last night in his acceptance speech, we don't know much he can fix in four years time, but at least we found one solution. At least we found someone who we can rely on for Change and Hope. We found someone who can trust with our lives and know we won't have to worry about others lives while he's in office.

It's a new day all over the world. Change has arrived.