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Sunday, November 30, 2008

cbc leading the pack..

Radio ratings arrived. The numbers for the years most important ratings period were posted last week with some surprises. CBC One became the new leader of the Toronto radio dial with an impressive 9.4 share while the knocked usual leaders CHUM-FM and CHFI to second and third place and longtime AM leader CFRB to a below than average sixth. The biggest gain award went to Q107 who went up one share point to a strong 7.3 share and now sits at forth place. With this new shuffling around of radio numbers, also made a huge impact on former top-5 contender and easy listening monster, EZ-Rock who fell to drastic ninth position with a scary 4.7 share. This is really surprising after the station did a huge ad campaign for their new morning show which includes Humble Howard and local vet Rick Hodge.

It'll be interessting to see how the fallen hero's will change its programming to climb back to the top and see the new leaders keep their position on top.