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Monday, September 1, 2008

rip walter `killer' kowalski

Mat legend Walter Killer Kowalski (he legally changed his name in 1963) has passed away. The old wrestling legend suffered a heart attack earlier on this month, but would never be able to get up from the blow. His family took him off life support August 18th. Kowalski was known to older fans for his feud with Bruno Sammartino, holding the tag belts with Big John Studd and also later on his career training current day wrestling stars such as Triple H.

My father used to tell me many stories about going to Maple Leaf Gardens back in the 70's to watch wrestling and one of the wrestlers he always enjoyed was Killer. He even had some old video of Killer wrestling Bruno and other Canuk wrestling legends. Wrestling has really changed since the golden days.

Thanks for the Memories, Killer.