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Sunday, September 28, 2008

hard paint...

Friday I went out and got a bunch of oil paints, some canvas, brushes and am back in the painting game. It's been a while, but I thought now that I have Saturdays off, I should start on getting a bit creative during my off time. Yesterday I went to work for most of the day. Did one piece. Then I left it. Started another one and then went back to the first one. Switching back and forth when an idea hits. Both paintings very different but similar in a way, too. The first one is dark. Dark brown and green with little highlights of yellow, blue and red spelling out the word Fame. As I was watching Dark Knight at the time, I realized that it has a bit of that crazy Joker spin on it. I'm going to call it Dark Fame.

The second painting is really bright using red, yellow, green and purple. Four bubbles all dripping with a gray dots all around the background. It's pretty abstract and I'm still working on it. This could possibly be my best yet.

I'm going to play around with these couple of pieces for a bit and then start a couple more and then a couple more and then even more until I need more stuff and run out of creative ideas - which I don't think will ever happen.