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Sunday, August 10, 2008

humble howard retruns to toronto morings...

It's official. Humble Howard is back on Toronto radio starting Monday. The news broke Friday that Howard will be joining EZ-Rock as their new morning man. Joining Howard will be longtime EZ Rock vet, Colleen Rusholme and Canadian entertainer, Kim Stockwood.

This is probably the biggest radio move this summer as the radio jungle started to roar. Moving and shacking all over the dial, but with Howard coming back to Toronto radio it'll defiantly rock the morning spectrum. In an exclusive chat with Howard this weekend, he informs us that the new morning show will be "personality and content with a big emphasis on the later". He continues, "We will endeavor to inform and entertain and make sure that the listener comes away from each break having learned a little something. Less contesting, cutesy, mindless-babble and more sticky items, information and fun."

For longtime Humble Howard fans, it's a surprise that he'll end up on a Hot-CHR radio station geared to women. The CFNY legend noted, "I was 29 when I started at CFNY and now at 48 I think that EZ is the perfect place for me to be." Humble stated, "As for growing as an announcer I think it's just growing and growing up as a person that will hopefully make me a better broadcaster." So going from playing Smashing Pumpkins to Celine? "As for the pumpkins to Celine, the music I played at the EDGE fit the demo and so does the music we'll play at EZ."

Being off Toronto radio for little more than two years, being axed from MIX 99.9 shortly after longtime partner in crime, Fred Patterson was let go ears still remember the voices they love. Howard hopes that his name will bring the listeners. "I think I bring some name recognition to the show. I have been in the market nearly 20 years so hopefully at least a few people will have heard of me." And on reuniting with Fred, Humble hinted, "I would absolutely have FP on the show if the opportunity presented himself."

As for radio always changing, Howard knows one thing for certain. "Radio will always be better than TV for inspiring the listeners imaginations as it is and has always been a more intimate medium.". Get ready to get intimate with Humble, Colleen and Kim Monday morning on the all new EZ Rock morning show.

Good luck, pal. We'll be listening.