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Monday, July 21, 2008

nbc picks last leno date..

As it was reported all around the interweb on Friday, Jay Leno has called it quits with NBC. Now, the television station has announced May 29th, 2009 as the night Leno will say Goodbye while replacement Conan O'Brien steps in June 1st. Jimmy Fallon replaces O'Brien - which should be a good addition to the late night run.

"I am definitely done next year — with NBC. I'm not a beach guy" stated Leno last week. "and the last time I was in my pool was to fix a light. Don't worry, I'll find a job somewhere."

It's rumored NBC still wants to work with the funnyman, but I don't think Leno wants to work with them.

I'm sure we'll be hearing a bunch more of this story in the coming months.