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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the love guru..

As I walked into the theater today to watch my debut as a big time Hollywood extra, I knew that the movie wasn't going to be a memorable one. I knew I could've saved my money for another week and watch The Wackness instead, and I knew my Mom and I were probably going to waste a good day off sitting in a theater watching Mike Myers try to regain his popularity he once had with his previous incarnations. But I also knew that it wasn't everyday that I could watch a movie with me in it on Canada Day and have it be a Caunk flick.

Maybe I would've felt better if I were like most of the people in the theaters - under the age of 19. Maybe I would've been able to comprehend the lowbrow teenage pee-pee poo-poo humor even more if I were younger, but the lines still made me laugh. Myers used a lot of word play humor that took a few seconds to get, but still got you laughing minutes after the line was made. Storyline wise, underneath the stupidness, laid a great lesson to the insanity. Acting? It was alright. All the major actors in the movie - even Verne Troyer have seen better moments.

Overall, The Love Guru was much better than I originally thought. It was more of refreshing kind of stupid childish movie rather than the dull, falling asleep kind of stupidness. It was a kind of stupidness that you would want to buy on DVD when it's released so you can watch it over and over again when you're bored at home on a rainy day or stuck with babysitting duties.

It's no Waynes World (which Myers refers to in a couple of scenes) or Austin Powers but if you want to waste some time laughing at penis jokes and fall in love all over again with Jessica Alba, it's worth the watch.

I give Myers' latest box office bomb 4 Guru's out of 10.