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Saturday, July 26, 2008

google walks..

As a walker, I found this pretty neat. Google has launched the pedestrian version of Google Maps where it gives you directions and a time outline on walking to your destination.

"Walking directions are a new feature for Google, and while I’m pretty excited about it, there are some rough edges that compel us to release it in “beta.” revealed a Google rep. "Walking directions work well for short trips in urban areas, but we don’t always know if a street has a sidewalk, or if there’s actually a special pedestrian bridge for crossing a busy street." The rep continued, "There are still a lot of pedestrian pathways we don’t know about, and they might save you some time if you find them. We’re working on collecting new data on pedestrian pathways and on more effective ways to solicit your feedback, so that we can steadily improve this feature and get you where you need to be as efficiently as possible."

I played around with it ealier, and it seems to be pretty accurate from what I've experienced. Here's a sample of one of my searches.