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Sunday, June 29, 2008

searching for the real..

Some celebraties would rather be known as their on-screen made up name rather than their given birth name, however sometimes their real moniker leaks out and it's known to the world. According to Yahoo! Buzz here's a list of the top 10 of the top 20 celebs who were searched by their birth monikers. Others who were mentioned on the list include Triple H (Paul Michael Levesque), Prince (Prince Roger Nelson), and John Wayne (Marion Morrison)

1. Tiger Woods Real Name (Eldrick Woods)
2. Madonna Real Name (Madonna Ciccone)
3. Lil' Wayne Real Name (Dwayne Carter Jr.)
4. Miley Cyrus Real Name (Destiny Hope Cyrus)
5. Coco Crisp Real Name (Covelli Crisp)
6. Hilary Banks Real Name (played by Karyn Parsons)
7. Gene Simmons Real Name (Chaim Witz)
8. Hulk Hogan Real Name (Terry Bollea)
9. Larry the Cable Guy (Daniel Lawrence Whitney)
10. Ray Stevens Real Name (Harold Ray Ragsdale)