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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

cassette from my ex..

Remember cassettes? I recently found one with a bunch of my old radio appearances on it. Must've been from the early 1990's. When I found it, I had to look all around the house and dig through old boxes in the basement to find a tape player. It was even hard to find a ghetto player that came with tape decks in the house. Have we digitally progressed so fast? I guess. Anyway, I finally found one and put in the tape. It was full of my old bits from CFTR and MIX and even one from CFNY. Along with the radio bits were little snipbits of old radio shows I used to tape and me trying to pre-tape the little radio show I used to host from my bedroom. The memories came flashing back so fast from the times that seemed so much easier.

This is why I found Cassette from my Ex to be such a cool site. The blog style page is full of stories sent in my heartbroken ex loves talking about their old relationships while they share an old tape that they received from their ex. Neat, huh? Yeah. I thought so, too. The mixtapes are pretty good and so are the stories.

If you have time check out the site and let me know what you think.